• Penstock

    Penstock is a system of the barrier/closing for channels or pipelines for fluids.

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  • Screens

    Screens are the primary defense against infiltration of solids suspended in fluids plant inflow.

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  • Aerator

    Surface aerators are a valuable solution to increase the supply of oxygen at the wastewater treatment plants.

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  • Lamella packs

    Lamella pack is the solution for sedimentation stage in small place, lesser cost for civil works or adjustment of old plants with too hard job.

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  • Clarifiers

    Clarifiers are suitable for the primary and secondary sedimentation, using the force of gravity for the removal of solids. They are manufactured in different versions to adapt to customer needs.

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  • Central drive scraper

    For primary and secondary clarification we use the process of sedimentation by gravity, with central traction bridges with bottom scrapers to remove the sediment.

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  • Clariflocculator

    Clariflocculators are suitable for tertiary sedimentation using a chemical-physical treatment, which is adopted to remove the suspended solids not settleable of colloidal nature cannot be eliminated with the simple physical treatments.

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  • Thickeners

    Thickeners are designed to remove primary sludge in wastewater treatment plants. Take advantage of gravity to the fall of the sludge which are removed from bottom scrapers.

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  • Travelling bridge

    Constructed to suit the needs of different rectangular tanks, travelling bridges can be equipped with suction systems, removal of bottom sediment and surface.

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  • Ritary distributor

    Duty: fed by the influent thru the central group it provides with reaction type or motorized movement thru suitable rotating arms to even distribution of effluent onto the trickling filter surface.

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  • Chain scraper

    Designed to match the transport of foams with settled solids are installed in rectangular tanks with a system of chains on the sides. With the use of special roller chains we reduce the costs related to the number of pinions.

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  • Paddle flocculator

    The paddle flocculator is available both with vertical axis as well as with horizontal. The use of one or other solution is dictated by the type of tank foreseen. Vertical type is standard.

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  • Air lift

    Duty: thur the immission of air at a pressure equal to water head plus headlosses into water it is formed a mixture of lower gravity and consequently lifting takes place. For sizing it is enough to know flow, head, and water bed. The absence of moving parts makes airlift interesting for medium Flow with low head in presence of suspended solids.

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  • Telescopic valve

    Duty: generally used downstream tanks from which settled materials must be evacuated controlling their flown. They are composed by two pipes, between which a seal is interposed. The inner pipe, sliding controls the outlet level, controlling the flow.

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  • Tank and pressure filter

    Filter body: made according to drawing in the materials and thickness requested according to different standards (PED, ASME CODE, etc.) Nozzles plate(filters only): made as above with nozzles mounting holes out to as a standard erection of the nozzles is foreseen.

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  • Belt conveyor

    Version: Horizontal or inclined , fixed or turntable mounted according to the specific requirements of material transportation

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  • Heat exchanger

    Duty: it is foreseen on anaerobic plants to maintain thermal balance on digester, using hot water generally coming from heat recovery boiler.

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  • Rotary screens for waste selection

    Rotary screens is designed for solid waste selection made by passage in a drum with different dimension holes, with smaller parts sent in a hopper placed under the rotary screen and bigger parts sent at the end of the drum.

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  • Grease flotation system

    Duty: it is used for removing suspended solids using very small air bubbles as conveying mean to the surface of tank. A part of the effluent at the exit is recycled thru a pump to a pressure vessel where also air under pressure is fed.

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  • Screening compactor press

    Duty: The machine is composed of a sturdy frame, within the hydraulic piston runs on slides and provides the compression of material.

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  • Sand trap

    Duty: consist of on inclined screw conveyor with a large volume hopper including a water inlet and outlet spout, a screw housed in an inclined pipe wear resistant. Water to be cleaned flows in sedimentation hopper where solid porticles settle.

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  • Pista grit

    Walkway: generally foreseen in concrete. Is available in different options such as boxed, profiles, curved plate and in different materials such as stainless steel, alluminium. It is fitted with gratings, toe-plate, handrail to any standard.

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